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Shaw IT Update

Hi everyone,

Sorry for all the emails lately, but we have been working to make our systems as secure as possible and want to keep everyone informed as we make these changes.

That said, our next security initiative is around keeping our computers and systems as up to date as possible. This is very important because keeping our systems updated is a major step to keeping them safe and secure from being attacked. Over the last several months we have been working to implement processes and procedure to support this and are now ready to begin implementation. We have setup a new system that will allow us to control when and how these updates will be sent out to our computers. This is important as sometimes bad updates are released by vendors that can cause significant issues with our computers. We will now be able to pause any bad updates until they are fixed by the vendor.

User Computers

Starting immediately, you will begin to get new notifications from your computer that updates are being applied by Shaw IT. These updates will happen at least once a month, but for the first few months will be more regular as we do a catch up to ensure all our systems are up to date. Once applied, these patches will require you to reboot your system and you will have 2 days from the time of install to complete the restart. If you have not, your computer will be rebooted for you.

Network Maintenance

We will also be implementing a monthly maintenance window to allow us to apply updates to our network and servers. This is when we will be doing updates and changes to our IT infrastructure and will occur every Friday evening from 6-8 pm. During this time, you can assume access to any network resources (Mapped Drives, Syspro, VPN, Titan, Homebase, Internet from one of our offices, etc.…) could be sporadic.

As always, I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we implement these new processes to better manage our technology environment and keep everyone safe and fully functional.

If anyone has any question or concerns about this, or any other IT initiatives please feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss.




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