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Shaw Values



With a goal of zero accidents, safety is part of our culture, a value considered with each decision made by management, supervisors and employees. Through our safety program, our employees are encouraged to keep their, and others, safety at the forefront of every action, whether in our plants, in our offices, at the jobsite, in their vehicles or on the weekends.



As employees of The Shaw Group we will always seek to do the right thing. We will do so by continuously acting honestly and ethically and by living up to our promises in all of our interactions with each other, our customers, our vendors and our stakeholders as well as within the communities in which we work and live.



All of our decisions and actions will reflect the obligation we owe towards each other, our safety, our environment, The Shaw Group, our customers and our communities.


Customer Understanding

We will continuously and actively seek to increase our understanding of our customers, their customers and the industries in which we operate in order to ensure we are providing the best and up to date solutions into the marketplace.


Constant Improvement

We will strive to be better every day. As employees of The Shaw Group we will constantly seek out areas of improvements in the operations in which we work. We will always be looking out for ways to increase improvement in productivity, processes, tasks, customer service and ourselves. We will be driven to surpass what has already been achieved.



We believe in the power of working together across The Shaw Group to leverage our knowledge, our diverse talents, our variety of perspectives and our resources with the goal of using these collective strengths to create superior solutions for our customers and to optimize efficiencies within our operations.

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