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Cardinal Rules

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Working at Heights

A proper means of Fall Protection must be used and all regulatory and Shaw Group rules followed when working above 3M.

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Altering a Safety Device

No removal, modification or bypassing of any safety device (guards, interlocks, etc.) is permitted without proper authorization and controls in place (Hazard Assessment or LOTOTO).

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Powered Mobile Equipment

Powered mobile equipment shall only be operated by a trained competent operator following all regulations, Shaw Group rules, applicable training, and manufacturers’ operational requirements.

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Lockout Tagout Tryout

No piece of equipment shall be worked on until the piece of equipment is verified to be in a zero-energy state through a proper lockout tagout tryout process.

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Confined Space

No employee shall enter a confined space unless they are trained and deemed competent in confined space entry and all regulatory and Shaw Group confined space requirements are followed.

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Hot Work

No Hot Work shall take place in a Shaw Group location unless the work and work area is assessed safe to proceed as per the Shaw Group Hot Work process.

At The Shaw Group, the safety of our employees and everyone in the workplace is paramount in everything we do. 


Striving to live up to our Motto: No one will be hurt today or tomorrow, developing and following safety rules is a very important part of achieving our safety vision of Zero injuries and illnesses.


Our new Cardinal Safety Rule program is being introduced to emphasize the importance of working safely during high-risk activities so you and your co workers will return home safely to your families at the end of the day.

While following ALL safety rules is very important to ensure our safety, Cardinal Safety Rules are rules applied to high-risk activities that if not followed properly, could result in serious injury or death. 


For that reason, there is zero tolerance to non-compliance with these rules and failure to comply with them, make the offender subject to a minimum of immediate suspension, and may result in dismissal following an investigation.

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