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Safety 24/7 Campaign

Good morning,

We will be rolling out our newest safety campaign this week called 24/7 Safety. This is the next evolution of our evolving safety culture. The purpose of this campaign is to communicate the importance of safety outside the workplace for our employees, their families and their communities and to continue the great practices and habits that keep us safe at work into our home environment.

Over the next week or so, a member of the safety team will be delivering a short presentation on 24/7 safety and will be providing every Shaw Group employee with a pair of Shaw Braded safety glasses to take home with them for home safety. We will also be giving a decal with our new 24/7 safety logo (see pic) with a theme of “Think Safe- Work Safe- Home Safe” to put on your work vehicle, laptop, locker or any other place you like. We will also be putting up posters with the 24/7 safety theme (see below), one of which features our own employee (Franki Bishop and her daughter Avery) showing how to set a good example for working safely at home.

We will be changing EHSInsights to give a 24/7 safety option when reporting Haz ID/NM in the dropdown. Many of our current entries are events that happen outside the workplace and we want to capture these accordingly. The 24/7 EHS reporting is totally voluntary and is in addition to the great Hazard Identification we currently practice in our workplaces. To encourage 24/7 safety entries, we will randomly draw a name from all 24/7 entries into EHSInsights over the next month for a $250 gift card.

Thank you for your continued support in keeping us safe.

Take care,


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