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Hazard Alert - Hypodermic Needle


Used needles were found by workers at their worksite

Two Shaw Renewable’s workers were lining pallets (stapling plastic cover sheets on pallets to protect the bagged product) inside the Packaging area and they found a needle with discolored fluid inside laying on top of one of the pallets in the stack; a second needle was found in the pallets the next day.


· Do not handle needles with your hands if possible; use a designated instrument such as tongs or a garbage picker. If this option is not available, ensure you are wearing puncture resistant gloves before handling.

· Do NOT dispose of needles in regular garbage receptacles as you are putting others at risk; use a designated, proper disposal container (see picture). If proper receptacle is not available, use labelled puncture resistant box or pail to store until proper receptacle is obtained.

· Report all incidents of needles found on site or in regular garbage.

If a needlestick injury does occur, take it very seriously, report it immediately to your supervisor and seek medical attention as quickly as possible.


Needlestick injuries are wounds caused by needles that accidentally puncture the skin; when not disposed of properly, needles can injure people who encounter them unexpectedly. Needles need to be handled and disposed of with Extreme care.

If you are injured by a needlestick, they can inject unknown, hazardous fluids into the body through the skin; even small amounts of infectious fluid can spread certain diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV which are life altering and even life-threatening.

PDF file of this hazard alert can be downloaded below:

Hypodermic Needle Hazard Alert
Download PDF • 239KB

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